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Remarks by Chinese Ambassador WU Ken At the Closing Ceremony of "Culturescapes China 2010"
December 7th 2010,Lucerne
State Secretary Dell'Ambrogio,
Mayor Studer,
Dr. Menz,
Director Cooiman,
Vice President Schaffner,
Vice Governor Lei Yulan,
Dear colleagues from the diplomatic corps,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear friends,
Welcome to the Closing Concert of Culturescapes China 2010 at the world-renowned Lucerne Culture and Convention Centre.
Exactly three months ago, I arrived in Bern to assume my new post as Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland. On 16 September, I presented my credentials to Mme. Doris Leuthard, President of Swiss Confederation and the patronage for Culturescapes China 2010. On the evening of the same day, I had the pleasure of unveiling Culturescapes China 2010 together with friends from various sectors. Many of my Chinese and Swiss friends said to me: "This event has special significance for you". As Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, I feel truly honored and proud.
Culturescapes China 2010 is a major event in the cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Switzerland. Despite geographical distance and different national circumstances, our two peoples admire each other and they have shared aspiration to increase mutual understanding and enhance friendship. As the longest Culturescapes of the largest scale since it was initiated, Culturescapes China 2010 marks the grandest event of cultural exchange since the establishment of Sino-Swiss diplomatic relations. According to incomplete statistics, over the past three months, 62 projects including over 200 performances and exhibitions have been held with the number of audience and visitors totaling over 50,000 people. More than 400 Chinese artists and scholars have had joyous gatherings with their Swiss colleagues and the general public of Switzerland. Different kinds of Chinese arts, both traditional and modern, have been displayed and they each had their unique charm. Discussions and seminars on a variety of topics interacted and complemented the performances and exhibitions. In the past three months, Switzerland, the garden of the world, was even more radiant with the flower of Sino-Swiss friendship and cultural exchange in full blossom.
Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
Culturescapes China 2010 has offered another important platform for China and Switzerland to learn from each other and achieve common prosperity. Progress of human society is a process of exchanges, integration and innovation. Throughout the history of mankind, each civilization has, in its own way, made important contribution to human progress. While carrying forward the fine traditions of one's own national culture, a country should draw on the strength of other civilizations through cultural exchange and dialogue as it will enrich the cultural life its own people and increase mutual understanding of people around the world. It also helps to build a harmonious world of enduring peace and common prosperity. Both China and Switzerland created splendid culture with respective features. Our cultural exchanges date back to long time ago and they are the part and parcel of our bilateral relationship. Exchanges and mutual learning at Culturescapes China 2010 have greatly promoted the mutual understanding and friendship between our people and strengthened the popular support for the comprehensive and in-depth growth of our bilateral relationship.
Culturescapes China 2010 is a vivid example of China-Switzerland cooperation. The complete success of the event should be attributed to guidance of leaders, the support of central and local governments and the active participation of the general public on both sides. With the concerted efforts of China and Switzerland, Culturescapes China 2010 has become a bright spot of our friendly exchanges. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, I wish to once again express my heartfelt thanks to the Swiss Confederation, to the participating cantons and cities, to Pro Helvetia, to the Culturescapes Foundation and to all those who have made every effort for the success of this event.
I believe the success of Culturescapes China 2010 is the crystallization of our joint efforts, and it will also serve as an incentive for our sustained commitment to pushing forward Sino-Swiss friendly exchanges.
When we are about to enjoy the wonderful music performed by Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, I wish fresh progress in China-Switzerland relations as a symphony proceeds to one movement after another.
Thank you!
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